#let me take a selfie


I should be a Canon spokesman 😂📷📹🎥


Look Ma, no arms.


Got my new hat! #fursuit #onepiece #chopper


it’s my birthday and i’m the cutest birthday pup in all the land


Sergal selfie! I like it!

They let me wear my fursuit to school and I had a blast!

This Angry guy is still looking for a home! He is still up on furbuy, and I can deliver to RF2014!


(original photo found here. fursuit by coniFURous)

This cutie is still looking for a good home! He is up on furbuy still and at this time I can deliver to RF2014!


(original photo found here. fursuit my coniFURous)

hey do you like my new sweatshirt? :D 

suit by Kio

I got my Kigurumi 2 days ago so I tried it with my fursuit. >w<

I’m not used to the sight so I have mixed feelings with this.~ Then again it’s a tabby cat and I’m a dragon/fox so haha.~ :’D Taking selfies with the 10 second delay outdoors  is harder than people think. ;3;